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Angelniemi was for many years known among climbers only for steep bouldering and ice climbing. The potential for quality rock climbing was realized by climbers of Turku area and at 2005 climbers such as Olli-Petteri Manni established almost 20 new bolted lines. Grade range starts from 5- and goes all the way up to 8a. Climbing is mostly vertical and technical.

Driving instructions: The cliff is beside road nr 110. About 6 km west from Salo center you'll see a sign 'Angelniemi'. Drive about 750 meters and turn left to 'Meisala'. Continue about 1.8 km until you see the cliff on the left side. When parking, do not block the road with your car!!

IMPORTANT instructions concerning Meisala cliff!!
* There has been planted trees in the forest immediately in the front of the cliff SO WATCH YOUR FEET! Do not tread on the plants.
* Do not walk to the other side of the marking tape in the wood. Also do not walk to the other side of the small cottage in the area.

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