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Falkberget is said to be the highest cliff in the very Southern Finland. Most of the routes are overhanging so the climbing is sporty. The cliff is directed to south-west and it dries quickly after rain. It can also be very hot on the sunniest days.

Story tells that the main face has collapsed down at the fifties. As a result, the front of the cliff very blocky and the quality of granit is not very compact. The average route quality is however excellent and majority of the loose blocks have been dislodget by now.

Most of the routes were established on fall -98 by Peter Hammer and Martin Nugent. All routes are bolted and equipped with top anchors. The most popular route is probably 'Urheiluhullu' (6c+), THE warm-up route. This line had also a second pitch (6a) but at 2003 the half height anchor was removed and thereby nice long single pitch formed. Another routes especially worth mentioning are 'Matador' (8a) and 'Renesans' (7b+) by M.Nugent. Renesans is one of the first routes and got the name inspired by re-birth of this old aid-climbing cliff.

At fall 2001 totally new sector has been established 100 meters right from the main cliff. This new sector contains 4 routes by now.

Note: In some routes the first bolt is meant to be pre-clipped .