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Halsvuori situates about 15 kilometers north from Jyväskylä at Vihtavuori district. This granit cliff offers around twenty routes in three sectors and there is still some potential. Grade range is wide so the crag is very much worth visiting!

Majority of the existing lines are established by Juha Saatsi. Real testpieces are 'Tsunami Crack' (7c+) and 'Leipäkarkea' (7c+). Slightly easier and very popular route is 'Imodium' (7b+).

A very special feature is prehistoric drawings in the first sector between routes 'Kiasma' and 'Olipa Kerran Elämä'. These drawings are preserved by law and it is very important to keep away from this particular part of the cliff. Please, keep this in mind when climbing adjacent routes. The cliff is on private land and partly covered with quite dense spruce forest. It is forbidden to build a campfire or cut down trees without the permission of the land owner.

UPDATE: An excellent and updated photo topo available in the pages of Projekti.