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In the district of Hollola situates Havukallio, one of the best -if not the best- trad cliff in Finland. Climbing activities have started here at sixties. This 25m high cliff offers very good concentration of high quality cracks. Many easier gracks are ideal for learning either by leading or toproping. If you're looking for harder stuff, you'll certainly find more challenging routes also.

Stone quality is coarse granit. The cliff directs to south-west, but big spruces in front makes the cliff comfortably shady on the hottest days. Only few routes have been equipped with top anchors, so be prepared for building your belay points into trees. Good set of stoppers is essential . The mega classics at the easier end are 'Keväthuuma' 4+, 'Nössö' 6- and 'Kanto' 6- (both of them!). A bit harder routes worth climbing are 'Kotkanpesä' 6+,'Hybrishalkeama' 6+/7- and 'Ee-mäntä' 7- as well as all the bolted routes.

Havukallio situates in private land. Camping beside the cliff is allowed but do not leave any garbage in the area. Walking in the field is forbidden.