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What Hooperinvuori (Fool's Mountain) of Kustavi maybe loses in rock quality, it wins multiply in accessibility, compactness of its 25 routes, height, and above all the beauty of the place. When walking down the road, you have on your right some tranquil meadows and the Salminiittu bay. On your left the cliff starts with short splitters, changes into a grand face of slender fissures, and then you see the main wall, which rises up to 17 meters. This wall has the classic Isi Rider and three other awesome routes. Outfight any of them and you'll be a happy climber!

After the central wall the cliff continues with a tight-knit sector, that is characterized by the rhythm of grooves and pinnacles. They have trad routes from starter to finisher, from a gentle 4+ to a serious 8-. Behind the corner, in a small grove, is an angular sector and its disturbing dihedral Monument to Sade. Here you are advised to watch your steps and avoid unnecessary scuffing; in spring time hazel and red hepatica blossom in this area.

To walk to the top of the cliff use the footpath on the right of sector Sade or go left of the cliff. Climb on the basis of minimal impact and Finnish everyman's rights, i.e. don't place bolts and don't remove vegetation. Albeit your spirit might be uplifted or pressed down, refrain from shouting, for the cove leads your roaring to cottage residents. Keep in mind that there is only one permissible parking – just made for you.

This area is a protected natural reserve, so leave no trace and hold your dog on a leash.

Since 15.4.2014 climbing of routes 1–5 is banned; routes 6–25 however remain permissible. It is not allowed to open new routes.

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