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Keinukallio is a recreational area east from Kerava city. Beside the jogging tracks and picnic spots you'll find nice bouldering with over 40 routes. The essential lines can be climbed as a form of a circuit and actually two circuits have been marked with small coloured dots and route numbers.

Blue (B) circuit starts from sector High and ends to sector Sunny Day containing 11 routes at grades range 5- to 6 (5a to 6b+). Red (R) circuit contains 13 routes. It starts from sector High and ends to route Viimeinen kivi (last stone) at sector Sunny Day. Grade span is between 6- and 7+ (6a to 7a+).

Distances are short and this is a good place to take whole family along! There however is some lorry trafic in the area so do not block the road.

Topos and other material by Jorma Käyhkö and Esa Makkonen.