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The Lammi cliff faces north-east, which makes it an ideal heatwave-climbing spot. The wall is in shadow throughout the whole day. The lack of cracks keeps the seepage-time short, and the bottom of the cliff is a bit overhanging, so minor rain doesn't wet the routes (except the upper parts).

Cliff is very close to the road, so traffic noise is loud and constant. But you can have same good lauhgs watching the expressions on the faces of the people driving by :) There is a good parking spot at the other side of the road (beside the road towards Lammi center).

The rock quality is better than it looks. Although the rock seems loose, it is actually pretty solid. Of course some holds may and will get loose so use caution. The pro is bolts, bolts and more bolts. Only a couple trad-protectable cracks exist.

The northern side of the crack is forbidden of climbing due to natural conservation (and some long-term examination of local fauna). So access to the right end is strictly forbidden! The last route on the right is, and will be, Laudatur. Do not wander further, none of us wants any more access-problems. The path to the top of the cliff is on the left end of the cliff. And then the usual threatening: don't litter, keep it nice and quiet, crash your car at the parking lot, don't dump nuclear waste to the cliff and so on.

The land-owner also hosts a flowershop/cafeteria , Lammin kukkatalo/Cafe la rosa, at the center of Lammi 'city'. Support his business. (Text by Teemu Ojala)

Routesetters in the route list: Teemu Ojala (T.O.), Ari Kujanpää (A.K.), Valtteri Rintamäki (V.R.), Riina Rintamäki (R.R.), Sampsa Jyrkynen (S.J.), Rami Haakana (R.H.) and Vesa Salonen (V.S.)