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This old granit quarry situates at Kuusankoski, nearby town of Kouvola.

Louhos offers around 20 bolted routes in a peaceful and quite original environment. Climbing is best described as technical and versatile. Steepness varies from slabby to vertical and height between decent 15 to 20 meters. Grade span starts from 5b and ends up to 7b+. Most of the lines have been established by Pasi Kytö, Jussi Pöyhönen and Sami Kuosmanen. There are still couple of unclimbed projects. Please leave these, and also the lines not mentioned in the topo untouched.

When speaking about quarry, you may think that the rock quality is sharp and loose. However, at Louhos the rock has been quarried along the natural cracks inside the bedrock. The rock surface feels therefore very natural. A place well worth a visit.

Topo and driving instructions are also available in .pdf format. The other (database) version however is more up to date. Thanks to Pasi Kytö!