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Pohjavuori (North Mountain) of Vartsala is situated on the other side of Ströömi strait, further away from the the Kustavi main island. Travel patiently with the Finland's largest cable ferry, and then you can stop for a coffee at the cozy restaurant “Vartsalan Vanha Koulu”, close to the rock.

Pohjavuori is worth the unhurried trip, even though the routes are not higher than 11 meters. The cliff is wide, curiosity-provoking, often steep, and partly broken down into pieces of blocks. That said, the central area is easily approached and even child-friendly. During the first season of Pohjavuori's development over 30 trad routes were ascended, mostly different splitters, corners and sweet dihedrals. Some fixed anchors for top roping were installed. The routes are graded from 3+ to 8+, and the crag dries exceptionally well after rain.

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