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The nearest rope cliff from Helsinki center is Rollarit. This popular cliff is not very high but it offers some good technical climbing for both sport and trad climbers. It's a nice little spot especially for newcomers and top-ropers. Stone quality is dark gneiss or suchlike and therefore 'the touch' differs significantly from granit. During past years anchors have been installed on top of many routes. Maybe the most classical routes are 'Rock Vandal' (5+) and 'Shell Super' (6+) and Spiderman (6-). A bolted 'Mantra' (7a) by Rami Lappalainen is very potential classic!

Due to location beside Kehä III, the traffic noise can be quite strong. On warm season you'd better be prepared for mosquitos.

NOTE: For the detailed access issues, refer to the pages of SKIL.