Competition weekend
Last Saturday offered plenty of choices for a competition oriented climber: the traditional Asemaboulder in Koivukylä, fourth Boulderliiga comp in Tallinn and Hakkuhuukkailu event in the Olympic Stadium for the toolers. Links to the results below.

Results from Asemaboulder
Results from Boulderliiga in Ronimisministeerium
Results and story from Hakkuhuukkailu by Adventure Partners

   'Suentassu' by Mira Alhonsuo
Mira Alhonsuo nabbed yesterday most probably the first female ascent of 'Suentassu' (M9+) in Sotkamo. The route was opened about 10 years ago by Antti Mankinen and was at the time the hardest mixed line in Finland. Congratulations!!

UPDATE: Read the story about the ascent from Rollomixed (in Finnish).

   Kalakukkoboulder 2014 results
The event was a part of the Finnish Boulderleague and gathered around hundred climbers to Voema's excellent walls in Kuopio. Again, the podium was occupied by the familiar triplet: 1st Andy Gullsten, 2nd Ilari Kelloniemi and 3rd Sami Koponen. The order between Ilari and Andy was resolved after superfinal. The podium standings on the prettier category: 1st Anna Laitinen, 2nd Eevi Jaakkola and 3rd Niini Vartia. Detailed results here.

   Jernej defies Hypergravity
The strong Slovenian Jernej Kruder climbed yesterday 'Hypergravity' (8b) in a less than optimal conditions. The man is known for his good weather tolerance as on last January he did 'Hottentotti assis' (8a+) in a freezing winter conditions. Very inspiring! Read the story from Jernej's blog.

Jernej is undoubtedly one of the world's best climbers and he does extemely well indoors also. On August he took silver in bouldering world championships in Munich. Next he'll head to La Sportiva Legends Only invitational in Stockholm. Best luck to Jernej for the competition!

   'Armoton' (8b+) repeated by Ilari
Ilari Kelloniemi has repeated 'Armoton' (8b+), the ultimate testpiece in Myllis, opened by Sami Haapakoski on mid October. This was Ilari's second route of this grade within a month after the ascent of 'Globalist' in Sipoo. Very impressive!

Other recent ascents: Sauli Kiema and Sami Koponen repeated Sami's 'One for Sorrow' (8a) in Sipoo. Tuomo Vainio has climbed 'Nokipolvi' (8a) in Valkeavuori, Turku, Juho Kauppinen did 'Paddington' (8a) in Jyväskylä and Anssi Kankkunen dispatched 'Hottentotti' (8a) in Myllis last weekend.

   'One Love' flash by Jarkko
Six years ago Jarkko Linkosuonio was a rising rock star with huge potential and full of motivation. However, things didn't go as expected and his overtraining symptoms proved to be something much more serious. Since that, the illness has prevented regular training and complicated his normal life. More about Jarkko's story in his blog.

The inner flame for climbing has not died and gradually Jarkko has been checking his 'lost' capabilities. Couple of weeks back he visited Font for a first time and managed to flash 'Magic Bus' (7b+) and do 'Carnage assis' (7c) on first try. About week ago he did 'Paddington' (8a) in a session and yesterday flashed 'One Love' (7c+), 'Gammamamma' (7b) and 'Ei Oo Rakkautta' (7a) in Sipoo. Yup, the power is still there and things are starting to look really promising!! Wishing speedy recovery to Jarkko.

   Results from Isatis Open
Isatis in Helsinki hosted the second event of Boulderliiga. In male category the top positions were occupied pretty much by the same guys than in the first event: 1st Andy Gullsten, shared 2nd Sami Koponen, Ilari Kelloniemi, Kuutti Huhtikorpi and Evgenii Kalashnikov. In female Eevi Jaakkola and Anna Laitinen shared the 1st position, Katariina Haime was 3rd. Detailed results here.

   Results from Finnish Lead Championships in Oulu
Anna Laitinen and Anthony Gullsten are the Finnish champions in difficulty 2014. The event took place in the great new climbing center of Oulu today. In female category the second was Maria Skyttä and third Katariina Haime. In male the second was Olli-Petteri Manni (this wasn't surprise!) and third Sami Koponen. Congratulations to all the finalists! Total results with also the younger age categories can be found here.

Results from the first Boulderliiga competition in Tampere can be found here.

   'The Globalist' by Ilari and other ascents
Steadily progressing Ilari Kelloniemi dispatched yesterday third repeat of 'The Globalist' (8b+) in Sipoo. The line was opened by Nalle Hukkataival on -09 and has seen repeats at least by Andy Gullsten and Anton Johansson. Congrats!! Couple of days earlier he climbed 'Jaakobin Paini' (8b+) in Nummi and 'One for Sorrow' (8a) in Sipoo. Earlier October he did 'Asterix' (8a) in Rokokallio. The man is in shape, so all the best for the Finnish Championships in Oulu on the coming weekend!

Another hard core powerhouse Jani Lehtola did a remarkable first ascent by opening 'Livstid assis' (8a+) two days back. The route situates in Rian, northern Sweden and looks outstandingly good in the topo image.

Other hard ascents: in Sipoo Markus Muinonen has climbed 'Spider Pig' (8a) and Kuutti Heikkilä 'One for Sorrow' (8a). In Myllis cliff Espoo Anssi Venho has climbed 'Hattivatti' (8a) and both Juha Paatinen and Kuutti Heikkilä 'Unusual Suspect' (8a). In Jyväskylä area Juho Kauppinen and Ilkka Unkuri climbed 'Forte Risoluto' (8a). In Font Joel Lappalainen sent classic dyno 'Rainbow Rocket' (8a).

   Hard addition to Reventeenvuori
Late season's great friction conditions produced a hard first ascent in Reventeenvuori: Maija Eerola did the first ascent of 'Zen oppitunti' (= Zen lesson), which was an old slab project between Summerdays and Ristinolla at Koulusektori. Maija estimates the route to be appr. 7c range. Grade confirmations can be sent to reventeenvuori (at) Good work, Maija!

   Ruthless dispatch by Sami
Two days back Sami Haapakoski opened a cutting edge boulder route in Myllis crack, Espoo. 'Armoton' (Ruthless) runs over a severely overhanging face left from 'Hottentotti' and as you can guess, it presents a line you easily consider unclimbable. Sami however didn't think so and for a grade he suggests stiff 8b+. Great work!!

Sami has been on the front end of Finnish climbing for many years. Couple of weeks back he opened 'One For Sorrow' (8a) in Sipoo and on April last year 'Unbreakable' (8b) in Nurmijärvi.

   Sami takes silver in bouldering NC
Youth Nordic Championships in bouldering were competed in Stockholm past weekend. In the Juniors category Sami Koponen was the first after Saturday's qualifications and took silver in the finals. Congratulations! Detailed result with other Finnish placements on the pages of Svenska Klätterförbundet.

   Late summer ascents
Yet a collection of some nice ascents from Aug - Sep range.

Anna Laitinen has been roadtripping. On August she's been hitting at least the sweetly overhanging faces of Voralpsee in Switzerland. Souvenirs include an ascent of 'Alaska Kid' (8a) and probably many more hard lines. Also on August Olli Antikainen logged impressive amounf of 8a level boulders from Swizz. These include 'Marakesch' and '3er traverse' in Sustenpass, 'Komilator' in Chironico and 'Octopussy' in Magic Wood. In homeland both Ilari Kelloniemi and Sami Koponen have climbed 'Spider Pig' (8a) in Sipoo (video below). Sami also repeated Ville Koskela's 'Fail Compilation' (8a) in Kuopio area. Antti Virtavuo and Juha Paatinen have climbed 'Forte Risoluto' (8a) in Jyväskylä and Jere Hurtig 'Hottentotti' (8a) in Espoo. With rope, Pasi Sjöman and Ville Mustonen have climbed 'Bruce Lee variaatio' (8a+) in Ruhankallio.

Spider Pig 8A from Mick Juslén on Vimeo.

   'Total Brutal' (8b+) onsight by Andy
Among many hard boulders, Andy Gullsten has logged onsight of classic 'Total Brutal' (8b+) in Zillertal. This is probably the hardest ever onsight by a Finn this far. Congrats!!!

   New routes in Reventeenvuori
"Two remaining unclimbed quality crack lines got their fist ascents at Reventeenvuori. The new route development at the Klassikkoainesta -sector has been paused for a long time due to access strategy, but now it was a right time to open these lines. After intensive clean-up work, Miia and Toni Fohlin opened these routes in the memory of the late Antti Ahola and Juha Hirvonen (in beautiful autumn evening sun). Routes area located in the 'memorial corner'; the next crack to the left of route 'Noora' is now 'Antti'. It goes in the Finnish grade 6/6+ with good but a little tricky to place gear all the way up, sharing the same finish with 'Noora'. Sharing the same start as 'Joukahainen' a direct line goes up from the ground, right through the small roof’s right side and follows a crack system all the way up on the left side of 'Joukahainen'. This is 'Juha' and it goes appr. 6-/6 with exellent gear all the way up to the same anchor with 'Joukahainen'. In the old topo of SKIL the route is marked with number 17.

Go climb and take a quiet moment to our beloved friends in high places while sitting at the top. Enjoy!" -Toni

   'Unendliche Geschichte 1+2+3' by Andy
Andy Gullsten has logged 'Unendliche Geschichte 1+2+3' (9a), which combines the boulder (parts 1+2, 8b+) with sporty three bolts upper section. The line was first climbed by a German Peter Würth on 2009.

   More from Niemisel
Markus Lehtonen has also been sending hard in Niemisel. Last weekend he climbed 'När Lammen Tystnar' (8b+) and sent 'Jedi Mind Trix' (8b) on his third try. Brilliant!!

   Ascents from abroad
No news from homeland but starting from the beloved western neighbour, Jari Pöllänen climbed yesterday 'Jedi Mind Trix' (8b) in Niemisel. Couple of weeks earlier Miku Kyrklund did 'Diablo' (8a) at the same spot. Andy Gullsten who has been on a road trip to Switzerland, did 2nd go ascent of 'Euporie' (8b+) in Voralpsee and several hard boulders in Sustenpass, including 'Sputnik' and 'Le Reve de Faire' (both 8b). On the other side of the globe Kata Rahikainen and Pasi Sjöman did 'Eye of the Tiger' (29, 8a). This awesome looking line situates in Muline, Grampians area, Australia.

UPDATE 19.8.: Andy climbed yesterday 'Practice of the Wild' (8c) in Magic Wood!

   Olhava updates
In the middle of hot July the access hardmen Toni Fohlin and Teemu Ojala and the access hardwoman Miia Fohlin stroke again at Olhava. This time the main efforts were planned to be carried out in the so called “old end”, that is the far left sectors (1&2). The idea was to spread the climbing pressure during busy days to the other good sectors than only the “Laatta” and to have more easily accessible sectors without boats. Main improvements:

* Stradarotta sector and sector 1 are now connected with similar structures that can be found under Laatta
* Ikaros pillar’s start from the water/wetland is now covered with a platform
* Steroidi route’s start and 2nd pitch is re-cleaned (1st pitch’s inside corner still waits for brushing). There is also a new double bolt mid belay anchor. This underrated classic is a superb route, go and tick it!
* A new rappel line, accessible with a single rope (60m), straight down from top of the Ikaros pillar (2 rappels: 15m+30m) This is the walk-in access point to these sectors, the path from main sectors leads straightforward to top of the, easily recognizable top of Ikaros-pillar. Climb out.
* Now there are top anchors on top of Teacher and of Rolling Stones pillars
* Fallen down trees and other bush-mess cleaned from old routes in the left end sectors of the cliff

And as a big bonus Miia cleaned a pile of human shit… Yes, you got it right. From behind the “Kaari-flake”, at the tent site. For somebody the distance to the toilet is obviously too much… So sad.

The team got excellent help from visiting climbers in carrying the heavy wood material to the construction site, big thanks for that! While climbing at Olhava, please, respect the rules (visible at the big info tables near the toilet) and behave! For the Finnish climbing community Olhava is an irreplaceable crag!

Toni, Teemu and Miia

PS. As a warm-up, Teemu did a second round re-re-clean-up mission of ”Sammalränni” which is getting now very popular and why not! -40m of sustained moderate corner climbing with great rock all the way. Btw. There as well is a new double bolt belay/rappel station.

PPS. After the work session, properly warmed up in middays hottest hours Teemu decided to give “Eklipsi” an redpoint attempt which became eventually one of the best fights that the belayer has ever seen. This time however the wall was tougher than the rock-fighter but it did not matter as Teemu got so nice battle scars that it was worth it (see the picture)!

   Tragic accident in Chamonix area
Two Finnish climbers, Juha Hirvonen and Antti Ahola died yesterday in a tragic accident on a glacier of the western slopes of Aiguille de Blaitière, France. Both were motivated, talented, positive and friendly characters and it feels heart-breakingly stopping and sad that these lifes were taken much too early. Most sincere condolences to the families and the loved ones. Warm memories will remain. -rh-