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  Talvikki Kyllönen, talvikki at was born at December 2001 as coalition of two Finnish climbing sites '' and 'Rock Climbing in Finland'. These former sites were respectively focused on bouldering and rock climbing. Based on these roots, will continue offering information about climbing locations, events, actual scene etc. for both boulderers and rock climbers.

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The information in these pages is collected with best knowledge about the subject in question. However, erroneous information may be present due to various reasons. These errors will be corrected whenever better information is available. Feedback from the readers is therefore valuable!

The administrator(s) of do not take any responsibility of accidents or incidents related to use of - either proper or erroneous - information. Persons carrying out climbing activities are doing this with own risk. You could be seriously injured or killed. does not assume any liability for your safety or well being. Before going into a route, always find out what kind of gear is needed and is there top anchor installed.

Some of the information, especially the grades, may be susceptible for speculation. Generally accepted grades are used in the topo lists and they will not be revised if the general opinion about the grade does not change.

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Bouldering photos by Samuli Lehtonen
Rock climbing photos by Rami Haakana.